Screen Printing Fundraiser

Screen Printing Fundraiser – We make lots of different shirts, from family reunions to trendy blogger tee’s. They are fun, creative and we enjoy seeing our customers smile when they get their new shirts! However, every once in a while an order comes in that makes a little more difference in the heart of some employees. That was the case when Ramon, one of our proud screeners got to make shirts for his former High School Soccer Team.

The team Ramon used to play on in 2007-2010, is Spring Valley and its no local secret that they don’t have the best field, equipment or support. That’s one reason why the fundraising shirts we made were so special. Not only did Ramon get to help his former team create some really cool fan shirts, but he got to relive his teams creed “Respect Is Earned”

He displays this every day when he makes a quality product for and if you ask any of his fellow co-workers…he has earned their respect.

Take time to watch the video we made of Ramon putting the layers of the 12th Man Fan Shirts together for Spring Valley Futol team and when you are down browse our fundraising templates and create your own booster club!