Back To School – Summer Job

Back To School, its a time when kids, parents and young adults get to start fresh.  Whether it be a new schedule, clothes, supplies, etc…the list can go on and on.  But, for some it might be a new school, town and if you are lucky exciting new friends!  With all of this change for young and old, its no wonder it can be exhausting as much as it is invigorating.  That’s why online shopping has gotten so popular.  You may have 15 minutes to shop, but that doesn’t give you time to drive to the store…let alone park!  Where else can you do school shopping in the free 15 minutes you have?  Yep, the interwebs…

Enter Mainly Monograms, our parent company of two awesome online brands: and  More details on those later, but first we want to introduce you to Dana, one of employees that is making the transition from summer job to back to school for her senior year.  She talks about the friends that she made, fun times and even the skills she picked up that will help her in the future.  Take a moment to watch her interview…before we talk more about shopping online for back to school gear!

Now its time for that 15 minute shopping list!

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